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providing reliable Solar PV Solutions in US


Astrum specializes in expertly designing and installing Industrial facility Rooftop and ground-mounted solar deployments.


Astrum provides design-build services for our commercial customers who are looking to deploy onsite Solar PV

Financial to PPA

We offer multi-year PPAs that are resourced through both site-based and Community Solar installations.

Redefining Sustainability and Energy Resiliency through Renewable Energy

Astrum Renewables sets out to create a greener future with unique & innovative solutions. Astrum is a leading Solar PV developer and solutions provider with a strong focus on quality, and project delivery. Through our strong customer and supplier partnerships, we seek to support our installations through ongoing services and portfolio-level Solar and battery storage solutions.


Achieve Sustainability and Energy Resiliency through our Sustainable Energy Quality Products

Astrum uses the highest quality products that meet our customer’s guidelines for performance and product warranty. With the rapid rate of product innovation within the Solar PV industry, we only use the highest quality products with a strong track record for business longevity and customer satisfaction.

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Reduce Energy Costs

A Solar PV system can provide free power for your facility for the system’s operating life.

Battery Storage for Energy Resiliency

Leverage battery and backup generation to eliminate back / brownouts from utility outages.

Achieve Sustainability Goals

Achieve sustainability goals through onsite or off-site renewable energy.

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Adding Green Energy to your Life!

Delivering Our Clients Value Through Continuous Product & Innovation

As an active member of the global community, we are working towards creating a prosperous society that will be passed on to our children. We aim to achieve this goal through the promotion of renewable energies.

Environmental Sensitivity
Personalised Solutions
Performance Measures

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